InFringe Fest is an independent, new New Orleans fringe festival kicking it old school: One four-day weekend, walking-distance venues, low ticket prices. Small and tight and strong. Mostly local, mostly new, all challenging. Art before Commerce.

November 15-19, 2017. Downtown, wherever we can squeeze ourselves in around the gentrification.

#InFuse. #InForm. #InFlame. #InFringe.

Prices are $7 per show or $40 a weekend pass, with some exceptions for shows at the Mudlark, Port, and Bar Redux.

No by-the-show reservations accepted. Whether by weekend pass or by cash, all shows pay at the door.

Our facebook page is here.
infringefestnola@gmail.com for inquiries.
The public telephone number is 800-383-4989.




InFringe Fest needs your help!

A back-to-basics, locally oriented festival is badly needed: for DIY theatermakers and performance artists, for the neighborhood, we think for our audiences. InFringe Fest will be strong, small, tight, and fast on purpose…a limited number of venues (no BYOVs) within a walkable area on a comprehensible calendar grid.

“Strong, small, tight and fast”…and INEXPENSIVE. Not just for our audiences (usually seven bucks per show, $40 for an all-weekend pass) but in its set-up, promotion and production costs. Most all of our labor is volunteer. Our venues are opening their doors for a cut of the door. There are no fees to the performers, at all. InFringe Fest itself, as an entity, keeps only ten percent of the take, in hopes of using that to pay its front-of-house and backstage managers.

Please support us by contributing to our Indiegogo campaign:



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